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DISTINCTIVE IP BENELUX is an independent intellectual property consultancy specialised in trademarks, domain names , NDA's and copy right with offices in Belgium and in GD of Luxembourg.

From ideas to business performance, we transform strategic decisions into valuable assets. 

Our approach is unique in that it integrates a global approach to law, business and communication in a digital era.

Our motto is " Branding and reputation shape power and success."




Effective IP strategy for a start up should be decided by business reasons rather than budget constraints.
— De Wilton

What is it?

Here at Distinctive we understand the challenges of being an Entrepreneur.  We all start from somewhere and the way up is never easy, we therefor came up with a solution to help you kickstart your way into protecting your brand!

Our IP for Start-Up program is a tailor-made approach for Entrepreneurs to successfully protect their brand while keeping in mind their budget constraints. 

When you first start your business, you might not  think about getting protection because your brand name or innovation is not entirely finalised or you want to wait to prove that it is a good brand/product before investing  in protection… 

As an Entrepreneur you know better than anyone else that timing is everything. We are here to help you win back some time. 

Our IP for Start-Up program will help you create and use proper trademark protection for your business to make all the difference in YOUR success. 

Success will come from confidence and taking pride!

Who is it for?

Start-ups in early concept stage ( name/logo not yet defined)  as well as Start-ups with a functional product and/or brand.

What will you get?

  • Free consultation to determine your goals & needs in Intellectual Property in order to find your best possible solution ( type of IP protection, NDA's ...)

  • 25 % off our regular Trademark and Design filing rate

  • Free watch notice (Europe wide) of your trademark for 4 months   and Benelux for 6 months

  • Free domain name consultation - Possibility to reserve and host your domain names through our Database

  • Free access (view only) to our Milfolio® Portfolio database for 1 year 

  • Brand = Identity :  we offer to review your Brand strategy with our in-house Marketing Department

  • Possibility to establish a relationship with partnering incubators

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