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DISTINCTIVE IP BENELUX is an independent intellectual property consultancy specialised in trademarks, domain names , NDA's and copy right with offices in Belgium and in GD of Luxembourg.

From ideas to business performance, we transform strategic decisions into valuable assets. 

Our approach is unique in that it integrates a global approach to law, business and communication in a digital era.

Our motto is " Branding and reputation shape power and success."

Intellectual Property Services

We offer tailor-made trademark protection services in Benelux, Europe and Worldwide applications. This includes brand names, logos, designs, NDA's, copy right and domain names.


We identify your rights and help you capture their value.

We advise you on the appropriate means for protecting your IP rights and implementing the necessary strategies for acquiring, securing and maintaining them.

Our aim is to allow you to successfully obtain robust and enforceable registrations:

- We register in the Benelux region, as well as globally;

- We assist you during the entire right prosecution, from the filing, through possible oppositions and refusals;

- We deal with the management of your existing rights by taking care of all the formalities and the deadlines;

- We perform rights searching and watching;

- We negotiate coexistence and license agreements.

We guide through optimal commercialisation of your intellectual assets on the markets, both locally and internationally.


We create and review Brand portfolios.

We analyse the Brand architecture to plan and develop Brand extension value, according to the international standard norm ISO 10668 for trademarks.

We perform audits of trade mark portfolios, as well as IP due diligence.


We provide guidance in order to avoid infringement or misappropriation of IP assets.

We enforce your rights by pursuing infringing third parties via cease and desist letters, opposition and cancellation procedures.

IP legal assistance and Mediation support form part of the Distinctive tool-kit.


Fiscal optimisation 

Thanks to our partner accountants, we are able to advise on the fiscal optimisation of your IP assets. 

In Luxembourg exists a particular tax scheme known as « Article 50 bis » aimed to foster innovation. We provide you with the necessary information to check whether the provisions conditions fit your business needs and whether they are met.